Telecom & IT Resellers

Do you run a telecommunications or ICT company? Do you want to build on customer retention and create new opportunities for the conversion of prospects into customers? Then you’re in the right place! Conneqtech solutions don’t only help you reach your goals, they also enhance your day-to-day business operations. Curious to find out more about what we offer? Waste no time and contact us today.

Security of Company Premises and Assets

Are you involved in the security industry, and do you want to strengthen and expand your current portfolio of products and services? Conneqtech would be delighted to help you! Our solutions will allow you to improve on how you serve and retain your existing customers. What’s more, our solutions enable you to create new opportunities for the conversion of prospects into customers.

Rental & Sales of Leisure Products

Ben je actief in de verkoop of het verhuur van auto’s, boten, motoren, caravans, campers, aanhangers, trailers, scooters, trikes, quads of andere vervoersmiddelen? En wil je jouw klanten nog optimaler bedienen, zodat zij tevreden zijn en blijven? Conneqtech biedt je diverse oplossingen waarmee je dit kunt realiseren. Bij het verhuren van jouw producten weet je exact waar de goederen staan en wanneer ze worden gebruikt, maar ook gegevens over bijvoorbeeld snelheid, open/dicht, aan/uit en temperatuur kunnen opgenomen worden in de oplossingen die we voor jou ontwikkelen of inrichten.

Rental of Mobility and Work Equipment

Are you involved in the rental of cars, boats, motorbikes, caravans, motorhomes, trailers, scooters, trikes, quads or other means of transport? If so, you’ll want to know the exact location of your transport vehicles, and also when they’re used. Would you like extra data about aspects such as speed, open/closed, on/off, and temperature? This is where Conneqtech can help, as our solutions can provide these insights.

Short Lease

Because you’re active in the short lease industry, it’s vital that you know the exact location of all your transport vehicles, and when they’re used. Would you like to get a better overview of your rental fleet, in addition to extra data on aspects such as speed, open/closed, on/off, and temperature? Conneqtech would be happy to help you with a broad range of solutions. Can’t find what you need? Don’t fret, we’ll start working on a custom-made solution straight away! After all, that’s what our in-house development team is for.

Achieving success together? Become a Connectech partner!

Conneqtech can develop standard and customised solutions for you, from idea development to commercial implementation and the after-sales. That means you’ll have time to do what you’re good at. Our combined talents will make a unique team! Click on the button below or get in touch for more information.

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Advantages for Partners

  • Stable Dutch company with 10+ years of experience.

  • Simplicity in serving customers because of a convenient and scalable online platform.

  • Excellent personalised service and clear communication, we keep our promises!

  • Potential for a personalised platform with your own branding.

  • We lighten the load by offering you support, from sales to fulfilment.

  • An attractive additional and recurring revenue model with customer ownership.