Conneqtech & Paztir join forces in new Joint Venture; CargoSafety B.V.

The solution integration partner for the E-mobility market Conneqtech and Paztir, the supplier of professional solutions for electronic locking and access management for the cargo market, are going to collaborate on a strategic level. Bart Visser, co-founder of Conneqtech, “The joint venture with Paztir fits in seamlessly with our growth ambitions and broadening our services portfolio. By joining forces, we can provide existing and new customers in the E-bike and light electric vehicle market with a broader and more specific range of products and services and also jointly expand our market share.”

According to Andrej Sobotkiewicz, founder of Paztir, the collaboration is unique because different solutions are brought together to create an even more complete portfolio. ”Paztir is specialized in e-locking and access management solutions for professional parties in the e-cargo and last mile delivery market. Thanks to this unique collaboration with Conneqtech, we are able to become a one-stop shop solution integration partner for our customers and to guide them from concept to market introduction with a wide range of products. In addition, Conneqtech adds unique value with their platform integrations with key industry      partners including theft recovery, roadside assistance, business analytics, fleet & access management and many other 3rd party integrations from the Conneqtech platform.”

Conneqtech already has a leading position in the E-bike market through its partnership with AXA Bike Security under the name AXA-iN. Growth and strengthening of its position in this market is one of Conneqtech’s key goals. In this context, Conneqtech is very enthusiastic about the start of this joint venture with Paztir. The joint venture will continue to operate under the name Paztir and the day-to-day management will be in the hands of Conneqtech’s existing management team.

Entering into this partnership creates a stronger, more stable and agile organization with an even clearer focus to help customers create more efficient processes in a safe, secure, efficient and scalable way. Existing customers will benefit from this collaboration through the possibilities for additional services      with      familiar faces.

Bart Visser continues, “The joint venture with Paztir will allow Conneqtech to further implement its growth strategy in the cargo, last mile delivery and light electric vehicle market for the coming years, and adding specialist knowledge of Paztir to the organization. I am convinced that both companies are very complementary to each other and that we are stronger together to optimally serve our existing and new customers.”

About Conneqtech;

Conneqtech, founded in 2015, is a flat and enthusiastic scale-up that is part of Allegion (  ) and works closely within the bike market with the sister company AXA Bike Security. With 25 motivated employees based in Amersfoort (Hoogland) & Middelburg, we develop solutions in the field of IoT (Internet of Things). For example, we develop smart solutions that support our customers and end users to make their business operations more safe, secure, efficient and effective. Conneqtech develops its solutions for three specific target groups; Healthcare, E-Mobility and Asset Tracking for both national and international SME and Corporate customers. 

About Paztir

Paztir was founded in 2017 with the main objective to facilitate the usage of light electric vehicles in last mile delivery operations. The company builds specialized professional solutions that help customers operate delivery bikes, cargo bikes and other light electric vehicles, effectively, safely and securely. The company is pioneering hassle free access management solution for the delivery personnel (wireless key), and developing unique solutions for larger delivery vehicles (e.g. Electronic parking brake, tire pressure sensors, delivery box temperature sensors). The software platform gives customers insights into usage of the vehicles, impacts on the field and generates data needed for predictive maintenance. 

Additional Information

For more information please contact Matthijs van Eijzeren of Conneqtech via [email protected] or via +31613130041