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Increase efficiency and create new revenue models with our solutions for assets, vehicles and personal tracking.

Work smarter and more efficiently with Conneqtech tracking solutions.

Do you want to work in a smarter and more efficient way? Conneqtech offers a broad range of solutions for asset, vehicle and personal tracking to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re self-employed or a multinational, we’re able to provide you with a suitable solution. Our flexible online platforms can be customized to ensure that your needs are met. Add to that our smart hardware, and you’ll have everything you need to work smarter and more efficiently while staying on top.

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The advantages of Conneqtech

  • Full service, from idea development to commercial introduction and after-sales.
  • Excellent personalised service and clear communication, rated 9+ by our customers.
  • Market leader in connectivity solutions for the e-bike and the care industry.
  • Stable Dutch company with 10+ years of experience.
  • In-house development team for custom solutions and quick responses to technological developments.
  • Smart, up-to-date and secure platforms.