Your partner in connecting the physical to the digital.

For more than 10 years we’ve been connecting traditional products with the Internet.

About us

Conneqtech supports its customers and partners by making the complexities of the Internet of Things (IoT) easy to understand, and translating its complexities into practical solutions. Our support starts with helping our partners and customers with developing their idea, and extends to commercial introduction and the after-sales.

Thanks to our comprehensive and multifaceted knowledge about the Internet of Things, we’re able to provide organisations with added value by creating successful models through effective collaboration. Our smart IoT solutions provide a lasting increase in revenue, profit margins, and efficiency!

The advantages of Conneqtech

  • Full service, from idea development to commercial introduction and after-sales.
  • Excellent personalised service and clear communication, rated 9+ by our customers.
  • Market leader in connectivity solutions for the e-bike and the care industry.
  • Stable Dutch company with 10+ years of experience.
  • In-house development team for custom solutions and quick responses to technological developments.
  • Smart, up-to-date and secure platforms.

Conneqtech is part of the Allegion Group.

More about Allegion

Allegion (NYSE: ALLE) is a global pioneer when it comes to safety and security. Allegion has a turnover of more than USD 2 billion and sells its products in roughly 130 countries. The worldwide safety of people and their property is secured by uncomplicated systems that are driven by advanced technology. Allegion is a leading provider of security products and solutions for properties, companies, and bikes. They specialise in doorways and adjacent areas.


Meet our Team

The Conneqtech team consists of enthusiastic experts and professionals in their field. In close collaboration and driven by a no-nonsense mentality, we strive to develop and deliver the best products and services to our customers and partners.