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Secure and effective IoT solutions for healthcare manufacturers.

Are you looking for a way to make products and processes easy to manage? Conneqtech would be delighted to help! We develop standard and custom solutions to facilitate the management of care products and processes, by connecting products and services through the Internet of Things (IoT). The result? A more efficient organisation, higher profit margins, and increased customer satisfaction.

The advantages of Conneqtech

  • Full service, from idea development to commercial introduction and after-sales.
  • Excellent personalised service and clear communication, rated 9+ by our customers.
  • Market leader in connectivity solutions for the e-bike and the care industry.
  • Stable Dutch company with 10+ years of experience.
  • In-house development team for custom solutions and quick responses to technological developments.
  • Smart, up-to-date and secure platforms.

The Connected Mobility Scooter

Conneqtech supports its healthcare customers by making outdoor mobility smart, among other things. The Connected Mobility Scooter offers a unique solution, which we created in close collaboration with our customer, our partners, and our other stakeholders (communities, end users, distributors). The application of unique Conneqtech patented hardware in combination with software that was developed specifically for this project, provides insight into the use of the mobility scooter. These insights are translated into usable data, which is made available in specific online environments and apps that are developed per stakeholder. By using these solutions, savings of at least 25% are generated. The results are, among other things: better profit margins, faster and improved service, and increased customer satisfaction.


Smart Care

Are you wondering how Conneqtech can help your organisation in making your existing, or new care products and services smart? Get in touch, we would be delighted to help you! From idea development to commercial introduction and the after-sales.

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